Meet the principal

Welcome to Solgården!

Being young is amazing - especially when given the opportunity to hang out with other teen-agers and make friends.

Friendship and fellowship is prominent at Solgården.

Life changing fellowship.

Our manifest is ”Life changing fellowship” and we’re proud of it. Et expresses the very core of the experience, we strive to bring You. We hope, that You will be changed by your stay here.

This is visible in everything about the school and it means that

-       We proclaim the Gospel

-       We teach

-       We bring up

-       We prioritize The Life Changing Fellowship


We will proclaim the Gospel

Solgården is a christian boardingschool/efterskole, and we want all our students to get to know the Bible and its main character Jesus Christ in person.


We educate

On this page, you see some of the numberous activities that goes on througout a year at school. You will get loads of great experiences and challenges. Through core curriculum and streams (linjer) and electives we want to equip you to your future education. Our manifest is to do school well for highly skilled students as well as students needing ”inclusion” (support with reading, homework, structure e.t.c.)


We bring up

We believe that providing good leadership and upbringing for life wil make the fellowship as well as the individual thrive.

It is important to the individual and to the fellowship, that we offer to each other respect, nurture and decenscy. This is a win to the fellowship as well as to the student.


Come visit us!

You are most welcome to contact us or drop by for a visit. We would love to give you a tour of the the school, because we are very proud of it.

 What is "efterskole" (aka "after-school" aka "danish boarding school") ?