Visibly a Christian School

Visibly christian school

At Efterskolen Solgården we are proud of many things: The school is goodlooking, the teaching is good and our students thrive!

But there is one thing that makes us proud above all others: In our school christian faith is at the center of things, and we take the words of the bible seriously and we believe, that The Bible is Gods message to man.


Everybody are most welcome

 Being a christian school does not mean, You must be a christian yourself in order to attend. Everybody are welcome and can expect full respect as a person and human. In fact this is one of the strongest messages in The Bible: that any person deserves and must be given respect and value.

In reality this means, that bullying, prejudice, discrimination and foul language will not be welcomed.


Christian faith is part of everyday life

Christian faith is appearant in everyday life at school means that every morning starts off with singing and a short message from the bible. Every day ends ends with worship, prayer and a message too. In addition we have lessons with christian subject and fellowship arrangements that promotes christianity.

 During free time many students volunteer to set up christian activities such as corporate worship biblestudy and prayer meetings.


Luthersk Mission

 Solgården is associated to ”Luthersk Mission” (a fellowship of christian churches and congregations inspired by the bible and the german theologist Martin Luther). Read more aboud our school values here