Danish as 2nd language

Danish as 2nd language

We often enroll students that don't have Danish as their primary language. We want to provide the best opportunities possible to learn the Danish language, culture, tradition etc. in order to thrive in Denmark.

We take our startingpoint right where each student is at and schedule additional lessons about Danish and cultural skills as needed.

We have staff with great experience and skills for this, and they design the individual schedules to meet government specifications andour needs.

We have 2 models for your path towards a qualifying exam (FS9):

Model no.1
You take the 9th grade curriculum over a span of 2 years with extra emphasis on Danish skills in year 1 and focus on all other subjects the 2nd. On top of this, supporting teachers will be available in several classes in order to ease your way through the lessons and assignments. Year 1, you will not take minor subjects nor german.

The 2nd year, you will take 9th grade lessons once more, but this time, we go for a complete FS9 exam including the minor subjects.

Model no.2
9th and 10th grade. You will take a FS9 exam the first year supported by additional teachers and if you want, you will be eligible for the FS10 exam. Note, that the FS10 exam does not open additional doors in the educational system, but allows you to take the 2-year gymnasium (HF) instead of the ordinary 3-year curriculum.

About both models
Which model is more suitable for you will be subject to individual judgement by teachers, student and family.

If we discover additional needs for support e.g. consultations or courses to fill in gaps in specific subjects, we have regular constructive dialogues on how to fulfill these needs.

A specific staff member will be your appointed mentor in order to follow your progress and thriving in the fellowship in order to overcome cultural gaps.

We experience, that ”efterskole” (boarding schools) is an excellent kick-starter for a thriving life in Denmark.

For additional information on options for multi-cultural students at Solgården, please feel free to contact the school - at phone number: +45 97371151 or by e-mail, kontoren@solgaarden.dk